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Our Mission

     C.U.P.O.N. of Chestnut Ridge is an inclusive group of concerned residents allied in our shared commitment to keep our community safe and preserve the character of our neighborhood by stopping overdevelopment and illegal building activity in the Village of Chestnut Ridge.   

 Key Objectives:  

 1) Hold Chestnut Ridge elected officials and village administrators accountable for the consistent enforcement of all building codes, zoning laws and permit approval processes   

2) Inform and educate village residents about issues that affect our neighborhood   

4) Ensure all residents have a seat at the table and that our voices are heard before village d3) Keep residents engaged and mobilized for positive change and action   ecisions are made    

HOW Lawsuits Update


New Complaints Filed by CUPON CR

Hello  Cupon of Chestnut Ridge members. 

On November 19 Steve Mogel, the attorney representing CUPON of Chestnut Ridge in  the Article 78 preceding challenging the House of Worship Law passed by the  Village board in the early winter of 2019, served the Village of Chestnut Ridge  with another action regarding the Article 78 along with filing the action before  the Supreme Court of New York.   This service on the Village and the Court was  Steve's response to the Court's response to a portion of the Article 78  originally filed in April,2019.

Essentially, in the first filing of the Article 78 Steve identified 6  issues regarding the House of Worship Law . The Judge let stand 3 of the 6  arguments and challenged 3.  Steve has served the Village a new complaint  focusing only on the 3 issues the judge essentially disregarded.  I am certain  the Village Board and our esteemed Village Attorney did not expect this action.   They will have to answer this action as well.

Steve is still working on his submission to the Judge's October response to  the other 3 Items and expects to file this response in the very near  future.

This additional service can only put more pressure on the Village.  I have  great confidence in Steve's legal expertise and in his dedication to the matters  that are of utmost importance to CUPON of Chestnut Ridge.

Please read the filing just posted for yourself and feel free to refer to  the original filing and the Judge's response for clarification.

Please continue to watch for illegal contractors and anything else that  does not look right.  As they say in the world where i used to work- IF YOU SEE  SOMETHING< SAY SOMETHING!!!

Thanks, Hilda Kogut/CUPON of CR chair




Hello CUPONers.  Attached is the  Court's decision regarding our Article 78 . We have much to be proud  of!!!  Our hard work paid off!!!!  Now the Village of Chestnut Ridge must  determine its next step.  The Village Board has been put on notice that its  effort to subvert the process and assume that the residents of this wonderful  and diverse community would sit by and allow the Village government to author  and pass a law that is in violation of the environmental statues of the State of  New York fell on its face.  

We MUST continue to address issues that are not balanced and fair in the  great community or in violation of laws.  Remember IF YOU SEE SOMETHING SAY  SOMETHING.

Best Wishes, Hilda Kogut

Messages from our chair person

Message to all Chestnut Ridge Residents December 2

Hello  CUPONers of Chestnut Ridge- I have a few items to share with you

1- For those of you who do not frequent Children's Park as I do with my  pooch I have some news for you.  The park's attendants ceased working for the  season in early November.  I noted that as they left all the trash bags in all  the cans were replaced with clean bags which seemed right.

   Within a week or 2 all the bags were overflowing with trash and while  the park was not closed this looked like a potential problem for the season to  come with no new/ clean trash bags.  Anyhow, I emailed Super visor Specht and  Michelle Ontasca, Director of Parks and told them that the trash was beginning  to pile up.   Today when i walked there after the snow i discovered a few things  about the park:
    #1  The gates are closed at the entrance so the park is now officially  closed for the season.
    #2  The parking lot and a good deal of the walkway was plowed which is  strange because the park is closed.  Hey, I like that as it is easier and safer  to walk in the snow.
    #3  The parking lot and the walkway are SALTED!!!  very strange as the  park is closed but these days it is used by many of our newer residents to walk  to the playground and other areas.  HERE is the real prob-
           lem- this salt effects the pond and the Pascack Brook which  flows along the park"s shore and the walkways- this salting is bad for the  plants and the brook and water.  I am not sure if this is permitted or  pro-
           per but it should be questioned.   AGAIN, I am glad the areas  were shoveled and that really should have been enough.  A few years back the  same issue with salting occurred and at that time, the Town was
           not involved but this is clearly the Parks department.  IF any  reader wants to do some research into this issue I think it would be  great!!

2- I want to remind all the readers and followers that Chestnut Ridge is a  CEASE and DESIST ZONE with regard tor Realtors and their interest in persuading  residents to sell homes.  What does this mean!?  It means that after proving to  the New York State Department of State that the residents of Chestnut Ridge were  targeted by realtors to intimidate homeowners into selling out of fear and  because they were being unfairly harrassed, the Department of State issued a  protective order for residents of the Village of Chestnut Ridge WHO register  guaranteeing that they could not be contacted by realtors UNLESS the homeowner  chose to contact and work with a realtor.  YOU MUST REGISTER to benefit from  this program which went into effect on 10/1/18.  All you need to do is file a  card with the NYS Dept of State and I have the cards.  AND IF you are registered  and have received ANY type of communication from a realtor- post card, letter,  phone call, email, we can report them to the Department of State!!!  I have,  over the last 14 months, submitted many complaints on behalf of registered  residents!!!  So AGAIN, register to protect yourself!!!!  We have Ellen Jaffee  to thank for this program- she worked with us for over a year.  David Carlucci,  did nothing to help with the work needed to get this program off the ground.  he  showed up at the hearing and the press conference but Ellen supported our effort  to establish this zone- we are only the 4th jurisdiction in the state to have  benefited from this program.  it is in effect for 7 years!!

3-  I want to invite you to our Holiday get together at DaVinci's on  Monday, December 9, 2019 from 7PM to 9PM.  The cost is $20/person and will  includ pizza, salad, garlic knots, cookies, coffee, tea and soda.  Also we are  doing our usual 50/50 and I encourage anybody who would like to donate a gift  basket to raffle off, please do.  ALSO, I am doing a basket of cheer and would  love some donations of liquor!

Thanks everyone- See you on Monday eve .  Hilda Kogut


Message November 30, 

 I wanted to take this opportunity to update you on some matters that are of  importance to you as they are about the Village:

!- it is now officially snow season which means that after November 15 thru  the winter there is no parking on village streets after 12AM- midnight through  6AM as there may be issues with snow plowing.  I noticed this morning that at 3  Spring Hill terrace for example the parking has spilled into the street.  These  vehicles on the street were parked there all night.  Had i known I would have  reported them,.  AGAIN, vehicles parked on the streets are illegal during the  winter season and they do constitute a safety hazard in the cold, snowy  weather.  if you see vehicles parked over night on the street report them to the  Town of RAMAPO - 845-357-2400.  The vehicles will be ticketed.

2- We are all aware of the construction of the memory facility on Chestnut  Ridge road across from Da Vinci's- for me, I had no idea of the size of this  facility until i began to see its development.  My hope is that traffic will  flow smoothly , unlike what we have all experienced over the last several weeks  as the finishing touches on this facility have been done.  I want to let you  know that a resident of the village noticed a good number of unlicensed  contractor trucks parked at the facility - all obviously at work putting  finishing touches on this vast project.  He called the Department of Consumer  Affairs for the county- 845-364-3901 earlier this week.  Because this is a  commercial project, Consumer Affairs is limited in what areas it could address.   The flooring contractors could not be ticketed, HOWEVER the Unlicensed Plumber  on the premises was ticketed and issued a court appearance date here in  Chestnut Ridge Justice Court  The same would be true of the Electrical  contractor if he had been found to be working without a license.  In this case,  ONLY the plumbing contractor was found to be in violation.

   This is a an example of what we can accomplish by reporting illegal  contractors.  I remind all who read this that you are the eyes and ears for  CUPON of Chestnut Ridge.  IF YOU SEE SOMETHING!  SAY SOMETHING.  If something  seems wrong report it.    On the weekends, feel free to call the Rockland County  Sheriff to report at 845-638-5400/845-638-5401 during evenings and  weekends.

3-  LASTLY, Our annual Holiday get together for members of CUPON of  Chestnut Ridge and guests will be held at Da VInci's on Monday evening, December  9 between 7PM and 9PM .  it will cost $20 per person and will include pizza,  salad, garlic knots, cookies, coffee, tea and soda.  Other beverages are at your  cost!!  I have asked that there be open seating for all who join us so that we  can mingle.  PLEASE bring your neighbors and guests..  ALSO, I would like to  include some raffle baskets and a 50/50.  I am working on a liquor basket myself  so anyone with a donation of a good bottle, I am glad to pick it up.  Also,  working on a grand prize of tickets for the Intrepid/VIP tour- 4.

Have a wonderful day.  I look forward to seeing you all on December 9 at Da  Vinnci's.

Best Wishes, Hilda  


Message November 20

Hello CUPON of Chestnut Ridge members.  I have just few announcements for  you today.

1-  The Village Board is now entertaining the idea of developing a  comprehensive plan for the open properties(already purchased ) in the Red  Schoolhouse Corridor.  these are huge parcels of land where 2 yeshivas are  proposed, commercial warehouses, a shopping/commercial zone and HIGH DENSITY  HOUSING are proposed.  The parcels involved in this large project are owned by 3  individuals who have grand ideas for the development of this corridor.

     In order to accomplish their goals the Village Board and Boards will  have to entertain zoning changes and variances for sure.  AND to add to it, the  traffic issue on Red Schoolhouse grows worse by the day at 4PM or 8AM.

     The organization of this project, including steering groups, surveys  by mail and a a host of other issues will be discussed on Thursday evening,  November 21 at the Village Board meeting at 8PM.  YOU MUST come out and let your  voices and concerns be heard at this meeting and going forward  PLEASE come to  this meeting, volunteer for committees and as that members of the community at  large participate in the process-  Do Not Allow the Village Government to direct  this project in house!!!!!  Please attend THURSDAY Eve Board meeting at  8PM.

2- CUPON of CR will host a holiday get together at Da Vinci's in early  December.  Unlike the one last year there will be open seating and a chance to  meet and greet one another.  it will be a simple eve of pizza, snacks, coffee,  tea, dessert goodies and soda.  Alcohol beverages are optional and attendees  responsibility  We will also have the famous 50/50 and some raffle baskets.   Will announce the date and times soon but it will be in early December.

3- Again, thanks for your continuing support.  See you on Thursday!!

Hilda Kogut/ CUPON of CR chair



Just found out that my nephew has a special event at the gym where he is the  director of events on Thursday eve- his efforts have brought countless awards to  all the cheering teams.  I want to attend his showcase which is Thursday eve at  7PM in Pine Bush and therefore will not be at the Board Meeting meeting.   I  apologize to the CUPONers, I want to go to this event- have missed the ones  he had previously.



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Article 78 Lawsuit Against Chestnut Ridge Updates

-The House of Worship Law is null and void due to failure to comply  with General Municipal Law 239. 

-The House of Worship Law is null and void as it was not passed in  accordance with Village of Chestnut Ridge local law Article XVII:  Amendments §§1 and 2. [amendment process  was not started by a proper  petition.]
-The House of Worship Law is null and void as it was passed in reliance  upon a municipal resolution that contained materially false and  derogatory information. 


Legal action challenges Rockland housing

A legal action filed by a coalition of  Orthodox Jewish congregations has challenged the legality of Rockland  County's much-publicized sanitary codes enforcement program and a  landlord registry of rental buildings with three or more apartments.

The legal action claims County Executive 


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