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Our Mission

     C.U.P.O.N. of Chestnut Ridge is an inclusive group of concerned residents allied in our shared commitment to keep our community safe and preserve the character of our neighborhood by stopping overdevelopment and illegal building activity in the Village of Chestnut Ridge.   

 Key Objectives:  

 1) Hold Chestnut Ridge elected officials and village administrators accountable for the consistent enforcement of all building codes, zoning laws and permit approval processes   

2) Inform and educate village residents about issues that affect our neighborhood   

4) Ensure all residents have a seat at the table and that our voices are heard before village d3) Keep residents engaged and mobilized for positive change and action   ecisions are made    

News Update October 2019


Update on Article 78 Court Decision

Hello CUPONers.  Attached is the  Court's decision regarding our Article 78 . We have much to be proud  of!!!  Our hard work paid off!!!!  Now the Village of Chestnut Ridge must  determine its next step.  The Village Board has been put on notice that its  effort to subvert the process and assume that the residents of this wonderful  and diverse community would sit by and allow the Village government to author  and pass a law that is in violation of the environmental statues of the State of  New York fell on its face.  

We MUST continue to address issues that are not balanced and fair in the  great community or in violation of laws.  Remember IF YOU SEE SOMETHING SAY  SOMETHING.

Best Wishes, Hilda Kogut

Messages from our chair person

Message to all Chestnut Ridge Residents November 3

Hello  CUPON of Chestnut Ridge readers and residents.  I wanted to take this  opportunity to offer some new information and to remind ALL who are reading this  to VOTE and to bring a neighbor or a friend or a new neighbor with them to  vote.  if each of us brought another voter with us- we would effectively double  the effort!!!

!- I voted early at the Town of Ramapo and found the experience to be so  much less stressful than voting at the Ambulance Corp Building as we in the  Village do at this point.  No matter where you chose to vote, You MUST vote- it  is so important.  I remind you all that there were only about 200 votes that  separated our candidates from the winners of the Village Board election.   Mainstream residents in Chestnut Ridge are NOT in the minority- we simply do not  vote as we should- in EVERY Election.  Our new residents rely on that fact, the  proven fact, that the mainstream community does not believe that their votes can  decide an election.  WELL if we all get out and vote we could do just  that.

  If you are registered , please vote or resolve that you cannot complain  about the results.!!!

  I encourage you to vote for all the SAM candidates- and for Mike  Diederich on Row I- Independent.  The SAM candidates are found on Row H!!   Please review a posting from Preserve Ramapo on this site for additional  information.

  I am not in the habit of telling others who to vote for but we must take  back the Town of Ramapo and insure that the logjam is broken in the County at  the legislature- just look at the sale of the SAIN Building in New City         which sits idle   and empty because the Democratic majority in the legislature  chose to block the sale that was put together by Ed Day's team.  This is not  about party lines it is about funding for the County!!

  We must vote for the strongest possible candidates- the individuals who  will fight for the residents of this community and the County.  For the  candidates who will represent the interests of everyone!!!

  VOTE on Tuesday!!!

2- Regarding the Department of Consumer Affairs I want to relate something  I learned this past week.  I called Consumer Affairs to see if painting  contractors must be licensed as I had seen a white van with no sticker on it  unload painting equipment at 3 Ullman Terrace on Tuesday morning.  Painting  contractors must be licensed.  So far Consumer Affairs has been unable to cite  the owner as the truck has not been there when they respond.  HOWEVER, I took  down the license plate and now the office knows who owns the van which is very  helpful.  SO, if you see these construction vans- we all know what they look  like vans without windows , most times with rails on top for equipment or a  ladder or the like.  If the vehicle is at a residence in the off hours or during  the day- call Consumer Affairs at 845-364-3901 and report your observations with  the license plate!!!

3- Our next CUPON of Chestnut Ridge meeting is 11/12/19 at the Ambulance  Corp building at 7PM.  Please come and bring a neighbor.

4- I am planning a holiday get together- i want to do it  in a similar  fashion to the get together/fundraiser we did for Jeff and Anthony last year.   No table seating so we can mingle and get to know one another.- pizza, garlic  knots, soda, coffee, tea and cookies. Price to be determined but not expensive.    Drinks are on those who attend.  Will look to do it during the first 2 weeks in  Dec and will also plan on having some raffled baskets .

Thanks and VOTE!!

Best Wishes, Hilda Kogut/ Chair CUPON of Chestnut Ridge


Message October 29

Hello  CUPONers of Chestnut Ridge and other followers.  I wanted to take this  opportunity to bring you up to date on some important matters: 

1- Election Day is not far off- 11/5/19.  NYS now has early voting.  I am  unsure of where your early voting might occur so I have provided the telephone  number for the Rockland County Board of Elections-  They have the info.   845-638-5172.  The Board of Elections can also provide you with an absentee  ballot if you will not be here on the 5th to vote.  I CANNOT stress enough how  important EVERY VOTE is!!!  

2- As you may recall Mike Diederich, the Independent line candidate for  District Attorney, spoke at our CUPON meetings on 3 occasions.  He is  independent and has identified several areas within the jurisdiction of the  District Attorney's Office  that need to be examined including issues regarding  Elections, Code Enforcement,  Medicaid assignments, Education issues and a host  of other items.  I have provided his recent letter to the Jewish Standard which  was published.  Please read it.  Note the ridiculous situation in the county  that allows his opponent, who received 95+% of the Democratic vote/bloc vote  in  the Democrtatic Primary, to also appear on 2 other lines. The situation is  simply wrong.

I urge you all to get out and vote.  The County needs an independent person  in the District Attorney's office.  There is much that needs to be done to  balance the scales of justice in this County.

Diederich's name can be found on ROW I on the ballot.

Additionally there are important  races in the Town of Ramapo as  well.

This election is not about voting along party lines because you have been a  lifelong Democrat or Republican it is about selecting the candidate(s) who will  best represent the interests of ALL the voters/residents.

PLEASE VOTE and support the line that will support you and all the  residents of Rockland County and the Town of Ramapo.  

I will be voting Row I and Row H>

4- There is no news to report about the Federal Law Suit that was filed in  US District Court in White Plains in April, 2019.  However, the attorneys who  represent CUPON of Chestnut Ridge have written a letter to the Court asking to  for the Court o move our suit to the top of the "pile" as the matters focused  upon in the suit have potential to have a great impact on the residents of the  Village of Chestnut Ridge.

5-  The Article 78 as you know has had some response Judge Marx- in fact a  preliminary response was issued by the Court on 10/4/19.  Since then there have  been a number of letters forwarded to the Court by CUPON'sd attorney, Steven  Mogel, as well as the Village of CR attorney Walter Sevastian and Joseph  Churgin, attorney for the Orthodox Jewish Coalition.  CUPON's decision, with the  advise of Steve Mogel is to reargue issues identified by the Judge in his  response of October 4, 2019.

We have respect for Steve Mogel's expertise and consummate faith in his  judgement so away we go.

5-  The residents of the Village who have chosen to reach out to the Office  of Consumer Protection have seen a terrific response each tome we have contacted  them.  The latest success was at 3 Weiss Terrace where the home, a foreclosure ,  was under going construction without a permit by Unlicensed contractors.  Within  2 hours of the notification the contractors were out of the house after being  served with tickets by Consumer protection AND the Code Enforcement office of  the Villlage issued a violation to the homeowner for failure to have a Building  Permit!!!!

Again, the phone number for CONSUMER PROTECTION is 845-364-3901.  If you  identify illegal construction- no permit or unlicensed contractors on the  weekend or after 5PM call the Rockland County Sheriff's OFFICE at  845-638-5401/5400.  

6-I am planning to put together another holiday party in December.  This  one will be less formal than the last- pizza, garlic knots, coffee, tea, soda  and a cash bar. Nod ate yet but i will hope to see as many as we can. We will  also have some raffle items!! and of course, the 50/50!!  No seating at tables-  mingling!!!  So we can meet one another.

AGAIN I urge you all to vote and feel free to attend the campaign debate to  be held on 10/27 at the Jewish Community Center in West Nyack at 2PM to hear the  candidates for your self.  

Thanks All for your support.  Hilda Kogut/CUPON of Chestnutidge Chair



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Upcoming Meetings

CUPON November Meeting

Tuesday November 12 at 7PM 

William P. Faist Ambulance Corps. 

3 Red Schoolhouse Rd


Article 78 Lawsuit Against Chestnut Ridge Updates

-The House of Worship Law is null and void due to failure to comply  with General Municipal Law 239. 

-The House of Worship Law is null and void as it was not passed in  accordance with Village of Chestnut Ridge local law Article XVII:  Amendments §§1 and 2. [amendment process  was not started by a proper  petition.]
-The House of Worship Law is null and void as it was passed in reliance  upon a municipal resolution that contained materially false and  derogatory information. 


Legal action challenges Rockland housing

A legal action filed by a coalition of  Orthodox Jewish congregations has challenged the legality of Rockland  County's much-publicized sanitary codes enforcement program and a  landlord registry of rental buildings with three or more apartments.

The legal action claims County Executive 


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We urgently ask for your monetary contribution to continue our mission. Due to rising expenses together with several legal challenges your generous donation  is needed.

You can now use our PayPal account or mail your contribution check to P.O.Box 394 Nanuet NY 10954 attention CUPON Chestnut Ridge. 

Disclaimer: until we obtain our 501c3  tax status your contributions are not tax deductible. 

Thank you for your understanding.

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