Our Mission

     C.U.P.O.N. of Chestnut Ridge is an inclusive group of concerned residents allied in our shared commitment to keep our community safe and preserve the character of our neighborhood by stopping overdevelopment and illegal building activity in the Village of Chestnut Ridge.   

 Key Objectives:  

 1) Hold Chestnut Ridge elected officials and village administrators accountable for the consistent enforcement of all building codes, zoning laws and permit approval processes   

2) Inform and educate village residents about issues that affect our neighborhood   

3) Keep residents engaged and mobilized for positive change and action   

4) Ensure all residents have a seat at the table and that our voices are heard before village decisions are made    

News Update September 2019



The Village of Chestnut Ridge has filed a response to the Court (click here)

CUPON Legal Team has responded (click here for the complete version).

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Messages from our chair person

Message to all Chestnut Ridge Residents September 4

 Hello  CUPON of Chestnut Ridge residents and readers and supporters.  I have a few  important items to share :

1- There is a very important Planning Board  meeting at Village Hall on  Thursday evening at 8PM regarding two very important properties.  Both  properties have sparked interest and concern among our residents- 43/45 Grotke  Road and the shul/school located at 972 Chestnut Ridge Road- this school is  identified as Rockland Institute for Special Education and and it also houses  Congregation Ahavas Yisaerl.  This building is located on less than one acre   and is seeking to eliminate the religious component and simply be identified as  a school exclusively.  The HUGE issue here is that this structure is located on  a far smaller plot of land than allowed in the building code- LESS than 1 acre  folks.  IF this change is allowed we open the door for more yeshivas and schools  on small parcels of land and in homes, etc!!!  We must speak out about this  issue or we risk a precedent setting change.

At the Grotke site, the goal is to combine the plots, change the address to  Appledale and build an enormous structure- 3 levels high.  Here one of the  critical challenges is insuring that the wetland issue is addressed and not  simply bypassed for the sake of construction of this structure.  

COME Out, Listen! Speak out.  let your concerns and ideas be known.   Silence does not help to preserve this lovely, diverse community which we all  love.

2- The Village picnic is Sunday at the Children's park.  CUPON of Chestnut  Ridge will ahve a table and we will be selling magnets with our logo for your  cars.  We will also have balloons and spinners for the kids- both embossed with  the logo of CUPON of CR.  We will be there with info about CUPON, reigstration  cards for the CEASE and DESIST Real Estate program as well.  And some  goodies!!!  And, of course we will
doing a 50/50!!!

3- The next CUPON of Chestnut Ridge meeting will be held on 9/10/19 at the  Ambulance Building.  We will have updates for you on issues that are important   AND we will have a guest speaker from the Rockland County Dept of Consumer  Affiars!!  7PM!!  Bring a neighbor!!

Please continue to be alert to illegal construction, actions on weekends  and other matters that constitute violations of our codes!!

Thank you, Hilda Kogut



August 21 Message

Hello  residents of Chestnut Ridge and other interested residents I want to bring you  up to date on some maters that might be of interest. 

!- On October 1, 2018 the Village of Chestnut Ridge ( entire village -  Spring Valley, Pearl River and Monsey, and Nanuet) became a CEASE AND DESIST  ZONE  as declared by the Department of State Division of Licensing Services.   This Zone protects each and every resident of Chestnut Ridge from any contact  from any realtor IF you register with the Department.  The registration is  simple- you fill out a card provided to us by the State and mail it back to  Albany.  Once you are registered ANY contact from any realtor is a violation of  the CEASE and DESIST policy and realtors can be fined or lose their  licenses.

This zone was established through hard work and a terrific collaboration  with our Assembly representative- Ellen Jaffee and took a good deal of time.   Each and every piece of mail and contact with an unwanted realtor was documented  and logged.  I continue to do this by receiving letters and other info from  residents who are registered.  I forward all complaints to the Licensing  Bureau.

If you are not registered, I can easily provide you with a card to register  and will gladly forward a stack of them to Albany for those readers who are not  yet registered.

I have brought this to your attention to advise you of a situation that  occurred on Weiss Terrace about 2 weeks ago.  A member of CUPON advised me that  a realtor from a local firm was knocking on doors on Weiss Terrace and asking if  owners might consider selling their home.  It seems the Rabbi from the illegal  house of worship located at 750 Chestnut Ridge Road now lives on Sutin Place and  wants to move to Weiss terrace in anticipation of a House of Worship being built  on Weiss Terrace to replace the illegal facility at 750 Chestnut Ridge Road.  I  was advised of this by the only resident on the street who was registered- he  was not contacted.  I did speak to the realtor myself and tell him that this is  a Cease and Desist Zone and reminded him to leave the residents alone.  He  denied making the contacts but I put him on notice.

Instances like this will continue to happen until every resident is  registered.  You can contact any realtor when you wish, not when they find it  convenient to harass our residents!!

2- CUPON of Chestnut Ridge is in the process of ordering bumper magnets  with our logo on them to identify supporters of CUPON.  I hope everyone will buy  one for each car!!  We will be selling them at the Village Picnic on 9/8/19 at  Children's Park.  We will also have the Cease and Desist forms.

3- The Village government seems to be running a bit slow when it comes to  posting Agendas for Board meetings these days- it should not stop anyone and  everyone from attending these meetings and carefully monitoring the large number  of applications before the Zoning and Planning Boards.  Residents- if you see  something say something- illegal construction, weekend construction, unlicensed  contractors!!!  Don't leave these issues to your neighbor- do it yourself and  don't call- go there and file a complaint or email the village!!!  Create a  record of the issue.

4- The next CUPON of Chestnut Ridge meeting will be 9/10/19 at the  Ambulance Corp building

5- For those of you who voted for David Carlucci the last time he ran I  want to bring something to your attention.   Just last  week there was a very  important hearing at the Town Hall in Ramapo- yes we are a part of the Town as  well and are impacted by their overbuilding and lack of Code Enforcement.  Our  Assembly representative, Ellen Jaffee wrote a very compelling letter to the Town  Board stating her feelings about the Pascack Ridge development and her concerns  about the overbuilding and its impact on the Town and county resources.  In  short she stated her unconditional opposition to the project. The letter is  posted on the site.  NOW!!  where was David Carlucci who has forgotten Ramapo  until election- he was concerned about the cost overruns for the needed change  in the signs for the Mario Cuomo Bridge. This issue is trivial and unimportant  compared to the construction at Pascack Ridge!!! David only addresses the easy  pretty issues- he has forgotten his responsibility to the other parts of the  Town of Ramapo!!!  REMEMBER that folks when he comes  up for reelection and  comes out to shake your hands and ask for your votes because of what he has  done- NOTHING!!!

See you at the Village PICNIC.  Hilda Kogut


July 30 Message

 Hello neighbors, Hilda Kogut here.  I want to take this opportunity to update  you on some current issues regarding the Village and CUPON of CR.

1-  For those of you following  the issue of the proposed Burial law, we  got some good press and on each occasion we demonstrated that the Mayor was not  honest in his presentation of the resolution or the reason for its proposal.   The NY Post had information provided by the Mosque and its spokesperson  demonstrating that the Mosque did have permission to bury the IMAM on its  premises.  News 12 did a great piece by Sarah Tolland which allowed me to  discuss why the resolution should not be enacted as currently presented and, I  am proud to say, it gave me the opportunity to say I did not have faith in the  Boards in the Village  additionally another resident said the same thing!!

    Additionally, the Rockland Journal News did a terrific article on  Saturday, July 27th which  again demonstrated the facts about how the burial  occurred.  
    Also, each time I have spoken about the proposed law, I ask the same  question and get no response.  I want to know why it took 15 months to draft  this resolution and bring it to the Board as the burial occurred in February,  2018.  And why was the research not done BEFORE the resolution was  proposed?

 2- For those of you who are not aware of the event/party that was held on  Saturday at 18 Spring Hill Terrace and the response from the Village and the  Town of Ramapo, let me explain.  An announcement about a party at the residence  was placed on social media-  It advertised the location, a fee to enter and the  directed party attendees to bring their own liquor.  During the early afternoon  people started arriving  and a but later into the afternoon our Building  inspector and Tom O'Donnell, the Code Enforcement officer, arrived and shortly  thereafter the Town of Ramapo PD, as well.

    The Police officers placed signs on lawns telling people not to park on  lawns, block driveways, etc.    This event occurred about 3 years ago and since  then has  moved to other locations around the county.  The police remained on  Spring Hill terrace until well into the early evening.  

     The Village's response was interesting- maybe the code enforcement  officer and building inspector are now working on weekends- it seemed so!!  I  would welcome that since so many contractors work in this Village on the  weekend.

      But alas, the response to Spring Hill Terrace was selective.  You  see, on Sunday in the early morning a dump truck and a dozer showed up at 312N  Highland and began to work on the driveway to expand it!!  I contacted the Mayor  and so did neighbors near the site.  The sheriff came and Orange and Rockalnd  came but nothing could be done!!  As the contractor had a license and O and R  said the permit had applied for.  HOWEVER, if the Village wanted to enforce all  the codes and respond to all complaints evenly, a code enforcement officer could  have cited them for working on Sunday!!!

  3-  I want to let you know that there is an important Planning Board  meeting on Thursday eve about the proposed construction at 43/45 Grotke- soon to  be an Appledale address.  PLEASE attend and ask questions and voice your  concerns!!

  4-  Come to the next CUPON meeting on 8/6/19 at 7PM at the Faist  Ambulance building.
And, remember- IF You See Something- Report It!!

Thanks, Hilda Kogut



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CUPON September Meeting

Tuesday September 10, 2019 

William P. Faist Ambulance Corps. 

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Article 78 Lawsuit Against Chestnut Ridge Updates

 CUPON Chestnut Ridge members have filed an Article 78 Petition against the  Village of Chestnut Ridge, the Mayor and the Trustees for failure to adhere to  New York State legal requirements.  Residents are encouraged to read the  petition and supporting documents (click on the links below) rather than rely on  third party summary reports.  It is very unfortunate that the Village Board has  acted in a manner that requires resort to the Courts to protect the rights of  all Village residents  Click here to read the Village Reply . CUPON Legal Team has responded to the court.  Click here to read our response. 




Many residents see that concept as contradictory,  raising questions about the motives of village officials and angst among  detractors in a community already divided over separate religious  issues such as houses of worship in their neighborhoods. 

Residents are concerned about the environmental impact, as well as decreasing property values if 

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important messages to Chestnut Ridge residents


How to File a Complaint

Complaints can be filed at the Village Administration in person, by phone or by mail. It is important however to keep a record. CUPON CR recommends to use the official Complaint Form so that there is a formal record and a follow up document.  You can also pick up blank forms at the Village Administration Office. 

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