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Our Mission

     C.U.P.O.N. of Chestnut Ridge is an inclusive group of concerned residents allied in our shared commitment to keep our community safe and preserve the character of our neighborhood by stopping overdevelopment and illegal building activity in the Village of Chestnut Ridge.   

 Key Objectives:  

 1) Hold Chestnut Ridge elected officials and village administrators accountable for the consistent enforcement of all building codes, zoning laws and permit approval processes   

2) Inform and educate village residents about issues that affect our neighborhood   

4) Ensure all residents have a seat at the table and that our voices are heard before village d3) Keep residents engaged and mobilized for positive change and action   ecisions are made    

HOW Lawsuits Update


New Complaints Filed by CUPON CR

Hello  Cupon of Chestnut Ridge members. 

On November 19 Steve Mogel, the attorney representing CUPON of Chestnut Ridge in  the Article 78 preceding challenging the House of Worship Law passed by the  Village board in the early winter of 2019, served the Village of Chestnut Ridge  with another action regarding the Article 78 along with filing the action before  the Supreme Court of New York.   This service on the Village and the Court was  Steve's response to the Court's response to a portion of the Article 78  originally filed in April,2019.

Essentially, in the first filing of the Article 78 Steve identified 6  issues regarding the House of Worship Law . The Judge let stand 3 of the 6  arguments and challenged 3.  Steve has served the Village a new complaint  focusing only on the 3 issues the judge essentially disregarded.  I am certain  the Village Board and our esteemed Village Attorney did not expect this action.   They will have to answer this action as well.

Steve is still working on his submission to the Judge's October response to  the other 3 Items and expects to file this response in the very near  future.

This additional service can only put more pressure on the Village.  I have  great confidence in Steve's legal expertise and in his dedication to the matters  that are of utmost importance to CUPON of Chestnut Ridge.

Please read the filing just posted for yourself and feel free to refer to  the original filing and the Judge's response for clarification.

Please continue to watch for illegal contractors and anything else that  does not look right.  As they say in the world where i used to work- IF YOU SEE  SOMETHING< SAY SOMETHING!!!

Thanks, Hilda Kogut/CUPON of CR chair




Hello CUPONers.  Attached is the  Court's decision regarding our Article 78 . We have much to be proud  of!!!  Our hard work paid off!!!!  Now the Village of Chestnut Ridge must  determine its next step.  The Village Board has been put on notice that its  effort to subvert the process and assume that the residents of this wonderful  and diverse community would sit by and allow the Village government to author  and pass a law that is in violation of the environmental statues of the State of  New York fell on its face.  

We MUST continue to address issues that are not balanced and fair in the  great community or in violation of laws.  Remember IF YOU SEE SOMETHING SAY  SOMETHING.

Best Wishes, Hilda Kogut

Messages from our chair person

Message to all Chestnut Ridge Residents February 3

Hello CUPON of  Chestnut Ridge members and interested readers.  I have some updates for you-  items that are new since our last CUPON meeting in January.

1- Our efforts to insure that Building  codes  are followed by builders/property owners is a success in my estimation-  A case  in point is the work done on the site now identified   as 3    Appledale- formerly known as 43/45 Grotke.  About 2 weeks ago I noted a  bulldozer and contractor working at the site with no posted demo permit and no          identification on the  red truck seen there daily or on the  other vehicle- I contacted Consumer Affairs.  They responded by the late  afternoon, noted the lack of permit and lack of signage and  wrote   appropriate violations.  There is now a  posted permit, fencing and the project seems to be complying with rules but we  MUST continue to watch this site and others .Consumer Affairs has  told me that are blatantly illegal they do contact our staff- whether our staff  does their job is up for discussion.

2-  Additionally I am watching the large  property at the corner of Red Schoolhouse and Summit- there is a large  fieldstone house there and other buildings.  I saw lots and lots of  cars   and  filed a complaint with the village- i am told it is "on their radar' but I still  see lots of vehicles .  If anyone else is troubled by this property  or others- report them.  And if you are able photograph the issue!!  A  picture is worth more than a 1000 words in this Village!!

3- I attended the public forum held at the  Holiday Inn Crown?  two weeks ago and was glad to see so many from CUPONs in the  town in attendance.  The Town Supervisors   hosted.  I was impressed by the new  Supervisor from the Town of Orangetown who was the most focused of all the  Supervisors in saying that her community is concerned a  about overbuilding in Ramapo, protecting  their schools and property values for their single family homes.  I found Teresa  Kenney to be the most forthright of the 5 supervisors.
Attendees were divided into groups and  then each group member who chose to speak could talk about 3 items of concern.   I talked about the East Ramapo Central School District and how it has been choked by the  Board of Education who has no interest in providing the resources and  opportunities to our students that other students receive  in the other districts in the County.  I said  that even when a monitor was present it was a battle to provide our students  with what they deserve for their education.  I also spoke about the Village of Chestnut Ridge  failing to consider all residents when it passes laws and failing to apply  building and zoning codes fairly.

4- There is no movement on either of our  lawsuits at this point.  Steve Mogel has kept us up to date.

5- The American Civil Liberties Union is  representing members of the East Ramapo community who have  filed a suit in  Federal Court charging that the voting for Board    of Education members should be based on  Ward voting to insure a fair opportunity for ALL communities to be represented  on the Board.  This would mean that the decisions    of the Board might actually be fair and  equitable for all students in the district.  This suit will start in US District  Court in White Plains within the next week.  The Judge's     decision, if found in favor of the  community at large would clearly impact the students in the public  schools.

6- Next CUPON meeting is set for February  11,2020 at the Ambulance Corp building at 7PM.

   Hope to see you next week.  Thanks, Hilda  Kogut/ CUPON of CR Chair


January 2020 Message 

Hello  CUPON of Chestnut Ridge members and readers.  I want to take this opportunity  wish you and your families a Happy, Healthy and Peaceful 2020.  And, to take  this opportunity to thank you for your continuing support and interest in CUPON  of CR.  We are all hoping for the same result:  Fair and equal treatment by the  Village of Chestnut Ridge government, code enforcement and building inspection.   And, of course, to preserve the beautiful and diverse community of Chestnut  Ridge for everyone.

And, I want to thank those of you who came to our holiday get together.  It  was lousy weather for sure but those who attended enjoyed the opportunity to  meet neighbors.  I intend to have another get together to celebrate spring!!
Now Some important matters to bring you up to date on

1- The CEASE and DESIST Zone that was created for the Village of Chestnut  Ridge in October of 2018 continues to exist and is monitored by the NYS  Department of State.  If you have registered than ANY contact you receive from a  realtor, whether by phone, mail, email or an uninvited document in your mailbox  or at your door is a violation of the CEASE and DESIST!!!  If you receive any  uninvited contact after you have registered, this constitutes a violation of the  program!!      Since the program went into effect, I have received many cards, letters  and info about calls.  Each of these items has been separately documented by me  with a form that the state has on its web site- a complaint  
 form.  I have submitted each letter, etc on a form to the NYS Department  of State Division of Licensing complaint form.  Each form is submitted in the  very same way with the recipient of the letter, etc identified as the  witness.   Several weeks ago I received a letter from an investigator from this department  referencing a letter  and a form submitted.   This , of course, gave me some  confidence that the work we have done and the submissions are not being  dismissed by the Dept of State.  I called the Investigator last week and was  informed that the realtor who sent the letter with the 800 number ot call if you  want to sell was fined $1000.  Of course, I asked the Investigator about others  and while he would not give me specific answers his response was that EACH  complaint is followed up on.  Additionally, it is very easy to address our  complaints because we provide the evidence and all that is necessary is to  determine whether the recipient is a registered member of the CEASE and DESIST  program.

  I asked about other submissions and about one realtor in particular,  Tirtza Beer and Q Home Sales.  While he would not tell me how many fines have  been assigned, he did say that if I provided a list of each submission, he would  advise of the result.  I intend to do this.  I also want to ask if the fine has  been paid.  I would assume since this is a licensing issue, if the fine is not  paid the license renewal can become a major problem!!

  SO, CUPONERS,Register for this important program and help keep the  realtors in check!!!
AND, if you receive ANY contact and are registered, save the contact or  document it with phone info, etc and give it to me to submit!!!

2-  Please continue to report unlicensed contractors day or night.  And, it  is very important hey are working on a residence where there is no building  permit visible.  The Village is doing nothing with these issues but the county  continues to vigorously enforce the codes!!!!

3- Our next CUPON meeting is set for Tuesday, January 14th at 7PM in the  Ambulance Building.

4-  Lastly, I encourage everyone to come out to the Chestnut Ridge Middle  School on Wednesday evening, January 8 at 7PM

 participate in the public forum regarding the development of a  comprehensive plan for the corridor along Red Schoolhouse Road.  Why the Village  ahs chosen to develop a comp plan for a small portion of the Village when the  BEST and Most Effective way to develop a Plan would be to study the entire  Village and then develop a long range plan is certainly open to discussion and  question.  BUT this is the issue before us and WE MUST continue to stay  engaged.  So come to the meeting and offer your input.  Each resident has the  right to be heard.

Thanks for your interest.  See you the 8th and the 14th.

Hilda Kogut/ Chair of CUPON of CR


Hello  CUPONERS.  

I want to offer a minor correction to the update I offered yesterday.  I  stated that the meeting on January 8, 2020 at Chestnut Ridge Middle School at  7PM will be to allow for public input in the development of a partial  Comprehensive Plan for the Village of Chestnut Ridge.    I provided incorrect  information as the meeting will actually be for the development of a  Comprehensive plan for the entire Village of Chestnut Ridge.

ALL the More reason to come out and see what is being proposed and offer  your input Now while all members of the Board are there along with other members  of the community.  THIS is your Village- come out and let your ideas and  concerns be heard.

Hope to see you at the meeting and AGAIN at the CUPON meeting on 1/14/20 at  7PM at the Ambulance Building.

Hilda Kogut



a message from Micheal miller


CUPON  community,             

Help  is on the way! The legislation passed by the NY senate will help in a number of  ways that are most important to CUPON and all residents.    If this  legislation is implemented as designed, it will have a tremendous impact on the  slumlords, negligent local governments and courts in Rockland County.  It will  also help protect our First Responders, our home values, and health and safety  of our residents.    

 This is the  results of the work Senator James Skoufis initiated last year with the public  hearing on code enforcement in Newburgh NY, where Gordon Wren Jr and legislator  Ken Zebrowski testified.    

It is times like  this when we can appreciate the effort we spend trying to make some elected  governments and their appointed Boards to enforce the Land Use laws and serve  the entire community equally. 




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Article 78 Lawsuit Against Chestnut Ridge Updates

-The House of Worship Law is null and void due to failure to comply  with General Municipal Law 239. 

-The House of Worship Law is null and void as it was not passed in  accordance with Village of Chestnut Ridge local law Article XVII:  Amendments §§1 and 2. [amendment process  was not started by a proper  petition.]
-The House of Worship Law is null and void as it was passed in reliance  upon a municipal resolution that contained materially false and  derogatory information. 


NAACP challenges Orthodox Jewish dominance of East Ramapo board in high profile court case


A federal judge is being asked to decide the NAACP's  challenge to how school board members are elected in the East Ramapo  school district. Disagreements over funding inequities will be aired at  trial


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