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Our Mission

     C.U.P.O.N. of Chestnut Ridge is an inclusive group of concerned residents allied in our shared commitment to keep our community safe and preserve the character of our neighborhood by stopping overdevelopment and illegal building activity in the Village of Chestnut Ridge.   

 Key Objectives:  

 1) Hold Chestnut Ridge elected officials and village administrators accountable for the consistent enforcement of all building codes, zoning laws and permit approval processes   

2) Inform and educate village residents about issues that affect our neighborhood   

3) Keep residents engaged and mobilized for positive change and action   

4) Ensure all residents have a seat at the table and that our voices are heard before village decisions are made    

News Update June 2019



The Village of Chestnut Ridge has filed a response to the Court (click here)

CUPON Legal Team has responded (click here for the complete version).

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Message from our chair person

Message from Hilda Kogut to all Chestnut Ridge Residents (April 29)


!- Next CUPON of Chestnut Ridge meeting will be held on May 7, 2019 at 7 PM  at the Faist Ambulance Corp Building at 7PM.  Please join us and bring a friend,  someone who has not attended before.  We want to increase our numbers and insure  that everyone is aware of issues that impact all who reside in Chestnut  Ridge.

2-The Judge assigned to hear the Article 78 Proceeding in NYS Supreme Court  has set 5/3/19 as the date for Walter Sevastien, attorney for the Village of  Chestnut Ridge , to file papers with any motions he chooses to make with the  court regarding the suit.  Our attorney, Steven Mogel, has until May 8, 2019 to  submit his rebuttal to any motions made by Walter Sevastien.  NO date has been  set for any appearances before the Court.

3- On October 19, 2017, the Village  of Chestnut Ridge passed a Rental  Registry Law, identified as Local law #4 of 2017.  The purpose of the law was to  create a registry for rental dwelling units in one and two family residential   buildings so as to facilitate the enforcement of NYS Building and Fire Codes as  well as to protect the public health, safety and welfare of the people of the  Village of Chestnut Ridge.

 This far the village has managed to register ONLY 25 (see current registry) such units with so  many others as yet either unidentified, unregistered, or possibly unwilling to  participate.  Why should they when there is obviously no enforcement of this  law.  Since this law was enacted there are possibly many more homes that are  rental units.  I know I have seen more this past year than the year  before.

 This is very important  law- it protects our property values, it protects  the character and stability of the residential areas in this Village.   It may even protect the health and safety of the tenants in these rental  properties.

 We can force the Village to enforce this law if we as residents begin to  identify these properties in our neighborhoods.  If you are not comfortable  reporting these properties  Than you can feel free to provide them to me, bring  the addresses to the next CUPON of CR meeting or email them to us.     Clearly, if the law is not as specific as it should be or is simply not  being enforced.  Let's bring it to the attention of the Board and the Mayor at  EVERY opportunity and force the Village to address this matter.  

 Once again, as with the no knock law and others, the law is passed and  then the Village can say we passed the law.  Let's insure this law is upheld for  the good of the entire community!!

I want to take this opportunity to remind you all that now that the  weather is finally warming up you are all urged to be aware of your  neighborhoods.   If you see unlicensed contractors, whether those working on  homes or landscapers or tree removal trucks you can notify the Village Code  Enforcement Officer at 845-425-2805.  After 4PM you can contact the County Department of Consumer Protection at  845- 364-3901 . On weekends and evenings you can contact the Rockland County Sheriff's  Department at 845-638-5401.  The Sheriff's Department can respond on behalf of  Consumer protection and has been so instructed.

It is important that you either  take pictures if you are able or be as  detailed as you can- license plates, names of businesses on trucks, etc.   Of course, the best way to start is to look for the license sticker on the  back of the trucks.  Different colors for different services BUT the sticker  must reflect the 2019 date!

On another note, I ask that you think seriously of donating to CUPON of  Chestnut Ridge from this site's PayPal account.    NO Amount is too small.  The  work we are doing benefits all of our residents and we hope that you will  support us as much as you are able.  Our legal costs for the Article 78 are less  at this point BUT we will be in Supreme Court soon and then we will face  additional financial challenges.

Hilda Kogut

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Upcoming Meetings

CUPON June Meeting

Wednesday June 5th  at 7:00 PM

William P. Faist Ambulance Corps. 

3 Red Schoolhouse Rd

Village Meeting Schedule

Article 78 Lawsuit Against Chestnut Ridge Updates

 CUPON Chestnut Ridge members have filed an Article 78 Petition against the  Village of Chestnut Ridge, the Mayor and the Trustees for failure to adhere to  New York State legal requirements.  Residents are encouraged to read the  petition and supporting documents (click on the links below) rather than rely on  third party summary reports.  It is very unfortunate that the Village Board has  acted in a manner that requires resort to the Courts to protect the rights of  all Village residents  Click here to read the Village Reply . CUPON Legal Team has responded to the court.  Click here to read our response. 



   (1)-The OJC officially served the village with their lawsuit related to the House of Worship Law on or around April 15.     (2)-The court date for the Article 78 related to the environmental study has been set for May 8. We are still unsure of the time and will keep all of you updated but it would be great to have a large supportive group at the hearing. Please contact us if you are interested in attending.     (3)-The village has now been served with a 3rd action, a Federal lawsuit related to the House of Worship Law by CUPON and others.

Read the complete letter below 


important messages to Chestnut Ridge residents


How to File a Complaint

Complaints can be filed at the Village Administration in person, by phone or by mail. It is important however to keep a record. CUPON CR recommends to use the official Complaint Form so that there is a formal record and a follow up document.  You can also pick up blank forms at the Village Administration Office. 

Download the Form (pdf)


Help Our Cause

We urgently ask for your monetary contribution to continue our mission. Due to rising expenses together with several legal challenges your generous donation  is needed.

You can now use our PayPal account or mail your contribution check to P.O.Box 394 Nanuet NY 10954 attention CUPON Chestnut Ridge. 

Disclaimer: until we obtain our 501c3  tax status your contributions are not tax deductible. 

Thank you for your understanding.

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