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Our Mission

     C.U.P.O.N. of Chestnut Ridge is an inclusive group of concerned residents allied in our shared commitment to keep our community safe and preserve the character of our neighborhood by stopping overdevelopment and illegal building activity in the Village of Chestnut Ridge.   

 Key Objectives:  

 1) Hold Chestnut Ridge elected officials and village administrators accountable for the consistent enforcement of all building codes, zoning laws and permit approval processes   

2) Inform and educate village residents about issues that affect our neighborhood   

4) Ensure all residents have a seat at the table and that our voices are heard before village d3) Keep residents engaged and mobilized for positive change and action   ecisions are made    




 UPDATE  3/22

The Village of Chestnut Ridge is now in the process of developing a  Comprehensive Plan as you know.  We have attached the link for your to review  and complete the survey which is due back to the Village on APRIL 15,  2020. Please complete the survey and let the village know how you feel the  Village should evolve in terms of development and planning.  
If you wish, the Village will send you a paper copy of the survey to  complete and then you can mail back or return to the VILLAGE.  The website  specifically states that paper copies are available to anyone who wants  one.!!!
Thanks.  Be Safe and Stay Healthy!!

Hilda A Kogut/ CUPON chair March 22, 2020

Messages from our chair person

Message to all Chestnut Ridge Residents March 21

Hello  CUPON of Chestnut Ridge members and readers.  

I want to take this opportunity to  update you on a few important issues- items that impact all of us in the Village  of Chestnut Ridge 

1.-  I want to remind you all to keep an eye on your neighbor- now is the  time to be a good neighbor.  If you live next door or know of a long time  resident of the Village whop might have difficulty getting to Stop and Shop at 7  AM to avoid the crowds-  give a call and ask if he/she needs anything.  And, for  sure,make sure they are OK in their homes.  We must take care of one another.   And, of course, use common sense and adhere to the social distancing  recommendations.  
     The other morning as  I walked my beloved pooch I saw my neighbor's  van door open to the rain- must have been like that all night- I first knocked  on the door and backed away and when there was not an answer I called him to let  him know.  

     It is about being a good neighbor and who knows, maybe this challenge  that we are all facing may help to build some bridges in this Village!!!

2-  I remind you that the County Department of Consumer Affairs is still  doing its job!!!  Call if you see illegal contractors or illegal construction-  no permit/no construction!!!  Just this week the new residents at 1 Weiss Terrace  decided to have work done without a permit and with  unlicensed contractors.   Julie Glazer from the County office responded and ticketed the contractor who  was working without a license and without benefit of a Building Permit!!!   845-364=3901 and in off hours or on weekends call the Rockland County Sheriff's  Department at 845-638-5400/845-638- 5401.

3- The Village Government has posted the link to the COMPREHENSIVE PLAN  SURVEY on the website.  We have provided the link for you.  NOTE that you can  ask for a paper copy of the survey!!!  I did just that.  PLEASE contact anyone  who is not on line and remind them of the importance of responding to this  survey.  Our voices must be heard.  This is a way to influence how the Village  will be developed going forward.  IF you want to get a paper copy call the  Villager at 845-425-2805.  The MUST provide you with a paper copy.

   I have made a list of the residents who I know are either not on line or  are away for the winter.  Yesterday I called several of them to let them know  about this process.  PLEASE DO THE SAME!!!

Thanks very much for continuing to support CUPON of Chestnut Ridge.  PLEASE  let your neighbors know about this site.

Be Well and BE Safe!!  Hilda A Kogut/CUPON of CR chair


 March 15 2020 Message

 First  I hope that everyone reading the message is safe and feeling healthy.  I hope  that we are all able to take care of our needs and continue to be safe. 


We  are a community of many seniors- people who have lived in this wonderful,  diverse community for many years.  Please reach out to neighbors who might not  be as mobile as most of us are.  Even if you do not want to visit face to face  to protect yourself and family, it is a simple thing to see if they need  anything- groceries, a prescription to be picked up or anything they might  need.

As  you may know by now the Comprehensive Plan session scheduled for Thursday, March  19th has been cancelled.  It is clearly the prudent thing to do for the  Village.  HOWEVER, the next step in the process will be a survey that the  Village will post for residents or anyone who gets them to fill out and submit.   At this point I believe it allows for someone to submit anonymously or to  indicate his/her name.  This is troubling cuz the ballot box can get tipped but  at this point,  I ask that all who read this do submit responses no matter the  protocol.  AND, most importantly, let's not forget the neighbors without a  computer or less involved in the net.  Make sure every person submits a  response- PRINT out the form and give to your neighbor if you believe that  person or family is not aware of the process.

Please  take care and remember that if anyone needs anything this site is a great method  of asking for help!!

Be  well All, Thanks, Hilda Kogut/ Cupon of CR Chair


February 2 , 2020  Message 

Hello  CUPON of Chestnut Ridge members and readers:

I  wanted to give you the opportunity to view a video by Marci Hamilton, legal  scholar and law professor specializing in RLUIPA. Click Here to Watch.

The  most important point to note is that this legal scholar, law professor and  practicing attorney is part of the team involved in the Federal Law Suit filed  by CUPON of Chestnut Ridge against the Village of Chestnut Ridge in US District  Court.  She is nationally known for her understanding of this law and its  application.  

Last  week the Town of Clarkstown, CUPON of Greater Nanuet and CUPON of Rockland,Inc  were named in a Federal Lawsuit filed by Ateres Bais Yaachov Academy of  Rockland, the yeshiva run by Rabbi Fink, that was unable to purchase the Church  in Nanuet after failing to meet deadlines for purchase and failing to  demonstrate their its ability to finance the purchase.

While  CUPON of CR is not a party to this lawsuit it is certainly an action that we  should all watch because it is an action that has at is t center the issue of  RLUIPA.

Anyone  who is vague on how this matter unfolded can easily find many news articles in  the Journal News, etc.
ALSO,  we should all be watching the NAACP lawsuit that is before JUDGE Cathy Siebel in  US District Court-  I have been over to watch and am most impressed with the  work done on behalf of the NAACP.  The premise, of course, is that the voting  process in the East Ramapo School District makers it impossible to elect persons  OTHER than those selected by the orthodox/Hasidic community because of how the  voting occurs.  This is a Voting Rights matter.  If the NAACP prevails the  method of selection/election would be done by Ward and therefore it would give  other communities within the school district boundaries the opportunity to  select candidates that would reflect their interests and elect them to the  Board.

This  is a very important issue.

By  the way, very shortly, the School Board elections will be upon us- early May.   If you are interested or know someone who might be interested in running for the  School Board let me know .  I will insure the interested party or parties are  put in touch with individuals who are looking to put together a slate of  candidates.

Thanks,  Hilda Kogut/ CUPON of CR



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NAACP challenges Orthodox Jewish dominance of East Ramapo board in high profile court case


A federal judge is being asked to decide the NAACP's  challenge to how school board members are elected in the East Ramapo  school district. Disagreements over funding inequities will be aired at  trial


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