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Our Mission

     C.U.P.O.N. of Chestnut Ridge is an inclusive group of concerned residents allied in our shared commitment to keep our community safe and preserve the character of our neighborhood by stopping overdevelopment and illegal building activity in the Village of Chestnut Ridge.   

 Key Objectives:  

 1) Hold Chestnut Ridge elected officials and village administrators accountable for the consistent enforcement of all building codes, zoning laws and permit approval processes   

2) Inform and educate village residents about issues that affect our neighborhood   

3) Keep residents engaged and mobilized for positive change and action   

4) Ensure all residents have a seat at the table and that our voices are heard before village decisions are made    

News Update July 2019



The Village of Chestnut Ridge has filed a response to the Court (click here)

CUPON Legal Team has responded (click here for the complete version).

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Message from our chair person

Messages to all Chestnut Ridge Residents July12 and July 8, 2019

July12 Message 

Hello  Chestnut Ridge residents.  Our next Village Board meeting will be Thursday, July  18 at 8PM in Village Hall.  I encourage all who are able to attend. There are issues that are beginning to present  themselves that require our  constant attention and comment.

1-The Village Board and the mayor introduced a resolution that will  probably become law if we are unable to sway the Board and mayor.  It is  entitled Proposed Local Law regarding the Burial of Human Remains in Residential  districts.  

While I  cannot be sure why this matter is being brought before the Board  for consideration,  I can say that it concerns me greatly to think that with the  approval of the Planning Board going forward someone could be buried on my  neighbor's property.  While this may be the extreme, we must consider this issue  when it comes to the environment and water supply.  many or our residents have  streams on their property or use private wells as their source of water!!

I for one, believe this issue should not be left to the Planning Board to  provide approval for such a request.

I have taken the time to forward the proposed law to the Rockland County  Health Department and am awaiting their response.

I encourage all to attend the meeting and voice your concerns.  AND, if you  have any other suggestions about agencies or avenues to pursue to have this  matter examined more thoroughly, please take the liberty of doing just  that.

2-  So many residents have voiced their concerns about their safety in  reference to the private school buses that ride up and down streets, make  illegal U turns, back up and simply drive the buses with disregard for the  safety of the residents or the children on the buses.

The Village government offers us no support, the Town of Ramapo Police  Department does not seem to have any interest in protecting our residents or has  no authority to act.

The state law that  governs school buses is weak.  it does not penalize  drivers who back up or make U.  I have learned that while Chestnut ridge  transportation does NOT allow drivers to travel in cul de sacs, make U turns or  back up, these actions are not illegal, they are dangerous.

I believe that we should start collecting names on petitions and then  present as many signed petitions as we can collect to our Assembly person, Ellen  Jaffee and State Senator, David Carlucci and pressure them to author legislation  to strengthen the laws and penalties for such irresponsible driving.

This will be an agenda item at our next CUPON meeting set for 8/6/19 .  if  any resident wants to help with this endeavor, please let us know!!!

3- AGAIN, the Village Board meeting is 7/18/19 at 8PM in Village hall.   Come, listen, participate!!!

Thanks Hilda Kogut 


July 8 Message from Hilda

Hello readers.  I want to wish you all a great holiday and thank you all for  your support of CUPON of Chestnut Ridge.  This organization exists because of  you and me and for all of us.  Please continue to be engaged and urge your  neighbors and friends to read this site and come to our meetings  I have a few  items to up date for all.

1-  There will be no CUPON meeting in July.  The 4th of July holiday and  the dates that are available going forward conflict with meetings in the Village  of our Planning , Zoning and Village board.  I encourage all to attend these  meetings and learn about projects that are proposed in the Village that have  become reality since the passing of the House of Worship Resolution.  There has  been no effort to stop any such development while the House of Worship law is  under review through our Article 78 filing before Judge Paul Marx.  The meeting  schedule for the month of July is available thru a link attached to this site.   PLEASE review it and attend meetings and ask questions.

2-  There has been no decision about the Article 78 at this point.  the  matter is under consideration by Judge Paul Marx of the NYS Supreme Court.  We  have no date for his completion of the review or when he will render his  decision.

3-The Orthodox Jewish Coalition through the efforts of Attorney Joseph  Churgin has filed a letter with the US District Court  and Judge Roman to  attempt to join in our Federal Suit.   Our attorney for the Federal Suit, Cozen O'Connor, et al  filed a response  which is also attached.  Thus far there has been no published response by the  Judge to the request made by Churgin on behalf of the OJC.  This is a strange  request but clearly the effort is to impact our efforts before the court and  diminish the argument we have made on behalf of CUPON and the residents who  spoke out against the adoption of the HOW law as it was constituted and  ultimately passed by the Village Board this past spring.

4- It is summer now and I caution all residents to be alert to be alert to  the summer camps that seem to pop up at homes within the Village of Chestnut  Ridge without any legal authorization.  If, in your neighborhood, you see a  regular arrival of groups of children who stay at a home all day long- which is  clearly uncharacteristic of the home or neighborhood, I urge you to call the  County to report these camps.  The county office to call is the health  Department and the number to report such activities is 845-364-2601.  if you are  able to photograph these activities all the better.  AND, if the children arrive  in school buses, try to jot down the names on the buses and license plates.  If  you re concerned about reporting these matters, you can call the Village and  report it to Code Enforcement as well.

5- Additionally, I urge you ALL to attend the meetings for the Zoning,  Planning, and Village Board.  There are a number of huge projects that are being  considered- The Wellington School Complex which will occupy a huge parcel of  land on the corner of Red Schoolhouse Road and Summit Rd towards the Thruway  entrance.  This complex will have 2 yeshivas.  Additionally, a parcel of land  that is on Red Schoolhouse Rd bordering the Chestnut Ridge Middle School where  the entrance is proposed to run thru Ferruzza Rd is also being considered.  Both  of these projects are under review and consideration- no shovel in the ground  yet.  WE MUST KEEP OUR EYES on the projects.

6- Additionally on 5 Ann Street and 7 Ehret Rd there are proposed  renovations/enlargements to homes that seem to have the feel of 3 Spring Hill  Terrace type constructions.  No approvals have been granted yet- if construction  is being done with contractors whoa re unlicensed- REPORT them to the Village  during the work week.  After hours or on weekends, unlicensed contractors should  be reported to the Rockland County Sheriff at 845-638-5400/5401.

7-  I have been sending out requests for donations to CUPON of Chestnut  Ridge.  I ask that you all consider making a donation to this group- our funds  are used for legal fees and thus far our representation has been terrific.  We  cannot do this alone and are working for everyone.  Please support this  effort.

Thanks, Hilda Kogut

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Upcoming Meetings

CUPON August Meeting

Tuesday August 6th 

William P. Faist Ambulance Corps. 

3 Red Schoolhouse Rd

Village Meeting Schedule

Article 78 Lawsuit Against Chestnut Ridge Updates

 CUPON Chestnut Ridge members have filed an Article 78 Petition against the  Village of Chestnut Ridge, the Mayor and the Trustees for failure to adhere to  New York State legal requirements.  Residents are encouraged to read the  petition and supporting documents (click on the links below) rather than rely on  third party summary reports.  It is very unfortunate that the Village Board has  acted in a manner that requires resort to the Courts to protect the rights of  all Village residents  Click here to read the Village Reply . CUPON Legal Team has responded to the court.  Click here to read our response. 



   (1)-The OJC officially served the village with their lawsuit related to the House of Worship Law on or around April 15.     (2)-The court date for the Article 78 related to the environmental study has been set for May 8. We are still unsure of the time and will keep all of you updated but it would be great to have a large supportive group at the hearing. Please contact us if you are interested in attending.     (3)-The village has now been served with a 3rd action, a Federal lawsuit related to the House of Worship Law by CUPON and others.

Read the complete letter below 


important messages to Chestnut Ridge residents


How to File a Complaint

Complaints can be filed at the Village Administration in person, by phone or by mail. It is important however to keep a record. CUPON CR recommends to use the official Complaint Form so that there is a formal record and a follow up document.  You can also pick up blank forms at the Village Administration Office. 

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We urgently ask for your monetary contribution to continue our mission. Due to rising expenses together with several legal challenges your generous donation  is needed.

You can now use our PayPal account or mail your contribution check to P.O.Box 394 Nanuet NY 10954 attention CUPON Chestnut Ridge. 

Disclaimer: until we obtain our 501c3  tax status your contributions are not tax deductible. 

Thank you for your understanding.

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